April 15, 2018 garynansomeants

Corporate Video Milton Keynes

Elephants and Ants are a video and photography production company, serving from large corporate elephants to one man band ants.

Our approach to film-making is founded in a deep understanding of communication – visually, emotionally and intellectually. We approach each video – from a simple interview to a broadcast documentary – with the same rigour and interest. What does the viewer need to see, what can we tell them and how can we do this? We begin any production with that simple thought and then work to tease out the story and develop its structure. We then work to express this visually. How do we film it? What techniques should we use? How will the filming dovetail into the editing process to produce something poetic, meaningful but ultimately useful to both clients and viewers?

As you can see below, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with global brands, household names and national institutions.


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